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Plant and Machinery Valuers - MitchellMunn

MitchellMunn is a leading independent corporate valuation and advisory practice consisting of an experienced team of plant valuers specialising in the valuation of all types of fixed assets including:

  plant and machinery valuations

  equipment valuations

  infrastructure valuations

  building valuations


Our plant and machinery valuers also specialise in fixed asset data solutions:

  asset register verification and reconciliation

  asset tagging

  data cleansing


By imparting professional and certified valuation expertise to every project, MitchellMunn mitigate your valuation and business risk, thereby reducing your time and costs.


Valuations are prepared for:

  financial reporting


  mergers and acquisitions

  regulatory and public sector valuations

  leasing and finance


  litigation and dispute resolution


At MitchellMunn valuation is a science rather than an art.