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 Valuation Services - Leasing/Finance


Critical Valuation Issues:


 How much security is there?

 Has there been enough

  investment in capital in good

  times to be competitive in

  bad times?

 Depreciated Fixed Asset

  Register value vs. True Net

  Asset value

 What are the key assets?

 Are the plant + machinery

  assets technologically


 Stand by the client

  or liquidate?



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Leasing and Finance Valuations


Companies seek asset financing to achieve specific business objectives. Having the valuation knowledge to support the capital structure of your business is essential. MitchellMunn supports its clients with valuations and advice for:


  Asset-based lending
  Residual value studies
  Debt placement
  Equity investment


Residual values are one of the most important considerations in making equipment leasing decisions. They are required to accurately estimate return on investment. MitchellMunn has the knowledge required to identify and interpret historical asset values for calculating residual values.


We will mitigate your risks by providing an independent view on market values and residual value forecasting.