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 Valuation Services - Litigation


Key Features:


 Corporates and SMEs


 Highly qualified

  valuers– RICS & API


 Director Involvement


 Valuation experience

  28 to 36 years


 High level of research





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Litigation                Asset Registers



Litigation and Dispute Resolution Valuation Advice


Litigation frequently requires reliance on valuation professionals to provide expert testimony. Successful testimony is based upon an understanding of the requirements of the court, a commitment to high ethical and professional standards, clear and concise communication, and thorough well researched analysis.


If your client’s business is involved in a legal dispute, objective expert testimony can make all the difference to the outcome. MitchellMunn provides advice on the review of previous valuations, quantification of fixed asset loss or damage, consultation and expert testimony for:


  Breach of contract
  Estate Planning
  Class action
  Marital Dispute
  Change of Shareholders