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We value our partnership with all clients and consider every client an individual as experience has taught us that no two businesses are the same. MitchellMunn establishes its valuation assumptions for each client reflecting the uniqueness of their fixed assets, the conditions they operate in, external economic influences and technological change in their industry.


Terms of Engagement

We would like to meet you to discuss how we can assist your business. Once we establish the valuation scope, we will provide you with an engagement letter which formalises our understanding of your valuation requirements. From our first meeting to the submission of the engagement letter there is no cost or obligation to you. We invest our time in determining the best possible valuation solutions for your business.



Our focus is ensuring our clients receive value for their investment in our services. We understand valuations and their processes so our clients do not have to fund a learning curve. Our cost effective fees are typically based on the time required to provide a turnkey valuation project.  We understand your need to budget for forthcoming valuation projects and would be delighted to assist you with a fixed fee to assist this process.


Project Management and Delivery

MitchellMunn considers project management pivotal to achieving a successful result for our clients. We look to exceed our client’s expectations in terms of best practice project management and keep you involved in every step of the valuation process. This communicative process is the foundation of our business. You can rest assured nothing is left to chance from:

  Defining and communicating the valuation brief
  The communication of the brief to the key members of the clients team
  The weekly progress meetings
  Regular timelines to demonstrate actual progress to estimate
  Factual accuracy statements for client sign off
  Draft reporting  
  Delivery of our final report.


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