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This sector has undergone significant structural change over the past decade with new markets opening up due to changes in health and safety legislation. Our valuers have provided valuation advice for tax consolidation, financial reporting and insurance purposes to the largest national building, construction and component hire companies.


Current market valuations and accurate asset data are essential in the fast moving world of building construction. Assets such as scaffolding are sensitive to economic value drivers, local and federal legislation regarding safe working practices and user perceptions of quality and robustness. Construction plant such as cranes and mobile plant are relatively well traded in their markets and offer significant comparable evidence to support valuation advice.


The portable nature of building construction assets requires them to be accurately quantified through regular asset stocktakes. This process ensures an effective asset register with a means to track, secure, and accurately value your fixed assets.


Our team members have provided the following valuation and data expertise to our clients;

  Asset register data establishment on business combination
  Allocation of purchase price at fair value for tax and accounting purposes
  Insurance valuations with cyclical updates
  Asset register reconstruction and reconciliation 
  Asset tagging services  including barcoding and rfid systems