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Many “valuation practices” take a casual approach to the valuation of your fixed assets as they offer valuation and valuation-related advisory services as an adjunct to their principal service offering. At MitchellMunn we specialise in fixed asset valuations so you will deal with experts who are totally committed to meeting and exceeding your needs. We adhere to proven valuation methodologies, best practices, continual improvement and leading edge technology.


    MitchellMunn Service Model


  1. Client Consultation
  2. Establishment of Project Scope
  3. Instructions
  4. Asset Inspection
  5. Assumptions
  6. Independent Research
  7. Client Liaison
  8. Draft Review
  9. Client Review
  10. Delivery Final Report


Our 10 step process will ensure that we provide accurate valuation advice for both standard and specialised assets based on a thorough understanding of your business and its requirements.The final report will withstand intense scrutiny because it will be: