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Taxation Valuations


MitchellMunn is your specialist, fixed asset valuation advisors for all matters related to taxation. Conflicts arise with taxation authorities due to differing perceptions on asset categorisation, methodology and value. Independent and professional valuation advice from MitchellMunn will minimise your tax risk. The ATO’s market valuation guidelines categorise independent and certified valuations as a “low risk” from a review perspective but “high risk” if the valuations are self assessed. 


The ATO market valuation guidelines require the valuer to:


  “Act independently”
  “Be appropriately qualified and experienced in relation to the asset being valued”


MitchellMunn provides expertise in tax related valuations such as:


Tax Consolidation: Market valuations of the fixed assets are essential to determine new tax costs for the assets of the joining entity and in the calculation of the losses transferred from a joining entity to the head entity. Our valuers have provided fixed asset market values for many of Australia’s largest businesses for tax consolidation purposes. These businesses are diverse, have multiple subsidiaries and can have fixed assets located at different sites throughout the continent. At MitchellMunn we have the knowledge and the capability to undertake valuations of any fixed assets irrespective of their quantity or location.


Stamp Duties: Acquisitions of certain interests in land are chargeable with duty at the rates applicable to land transfers. MitchellMunn prepare valuations to independently establish the overall value of the fixed assets as part of the acquisition.