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 Valuation Services - Asset Registers


Critical Asset Register Issues:

 Historically correct data

 Cannot identify assets in


 Unrecognized disposals

 Project entries-not

  individual assets

 Poor location data

 Poor asset descriptions

 No uniform asset descriptions

 Poor asset categorization

 Inaccurate depreciation

 No models

 No manufacturers

 No serial numbers

 Poorly maintained

  inconsistent data

 Inaccurate financial


 Asset Stocktake






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Asset Verification and Tagging

Asset Register Solutions

MitchellMunn’s valuers have a long track record of partnering with clients in delivering fixed asset register data management solutions including:

  asset tagging

  asset verification and reconciliation of fixed asset register records 

  data cleansing 
  determination of “ghost assets”

  asset tagging

We undertake verification and reconciliations of your fixed asset register to:

  ensure compliance with accounting standards IAS 16 and AASB116 Property, Plant and Equipment
  avoid the “junk-in junk-out” scenario which may damage your business’ profitability through excessive

   one-off or  frequent asset write-downs
  provide a robust and independent Audit process
  ensure greater accuracy in activity based accounting processes (cost centre allocations etc)
  free up your internal resources
  allocate  impairment testing results accurately